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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is obviously a very complex animal, from how much you should spend, to how much it will cost to rank for keywords that will get a substantial ROI. That is why we exist. We use the expensive tools and the correct quantitative analysis procedures in order to show the client exactly what the approach should be and why. It is proven in numbers why you shoould pick our firm!

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Social Media

So many to choose from and so little time to: create content, edit the content, post and schedule the content, measure the succes of the content. Measure the action of the content, ROI, following, sales and more. Plus, is it the right channels that we are targeting? Is this a platform that is too young for our product? Is it worth the money that we are spending on the platform? What feedback is real and just spam? Let us handle it!

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Complete Design

True reality is always that there should be one entity or firm, like ours, handling the whole picture. This makes sure that there are no short cuts and nothing is missed. If an organization uses a platform like Squarespace to start a website then they have already lost control of their SEO and EXPOSURE! If they have someone from India or some remote island create another portion then all is lost. Hire us and relax.

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About Us- We love Non-Profits

It all started with one. The man, the myth and legend his in his own mind, Phillip L Inman Jr. who has been running organizations since an undergrad at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. All through an ungrad and two master's programs, plus being enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, completing two tours in Iraq, now a disabled veteran, Mr. Inman successfuly ran organizations in different industries and many times started them from scratch. While doing so he was self-taught in all aspects of information technolgy, meaning coding, programming, software, networking and hardware. Today, he puts to use everything he has learned through the years working in the hospitality industry, legal field, real estate, construction, public administration, non-profits, IT, military, government contracting and many more into helping businesses generate more revenue or startups become successful. At Devised Firm, we especially have a soft spot for non-profits that help disadvantaged populations. After the traumatic experiences in Iraq and the terrors that combat brings, Mr. Inman dedicated his life to helping others, regardless of the sacrifices it might take.

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We Will Design and implement
Your Dream

Devised Firm's overall goal is to help your organization flourish in whatever way possible. We have in some cases fixed accounting books for clients. We have designed complete digital footprints and started advertising and marketing campaigns on the appropriate platforms for clients. We have helped construction companies grow from 200K per year in sales to 4.5 million a year in sales, in only a year. We show results in numbers and pride ourselves on it. If we cannot show results then we honestly tell you beforehand through analysis why. No sugarcoating here at Devised.

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Zack's Renovations Has Launched in Michigan

Servicing Ingham and Livingston County, Zack's works across the board on residential and commerical construction. Their work is showcased across mid-Michigan and has just now broke out officially as an organization that is going to be scaling up. Devised is happy to have taken on the full development and concept side of the operation with Zack and his partners. We are so excited to see them build the legacy.

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Devised Joins Teams With Encompass Enterprises In Solar

Yes, solar is that hot! Enough said, but it should be explained that the reason solar is so reasonable and pays for itself within less than a decade and then can earn money in places like the south is because the government is behind it. Subsidies have been taken away from petroleum, even electric and have been put towards solar just because of the clean footprint that solar leaves.

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