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Elite Non-Profit Services               

Whether it is grant writing, fiscal acuity, board development, subsidiary events or the establishment of a brand new 501(c)3, Devised Firm has raised copious amounts of revenue for the future of non-profits and the support of their mission. We will help with whatever you need! GRANT WRITING? How about a superior digital footprint? How about cost effective implementation of fundraising software that will not cost 25% of your operating budget? We will consult in any capacity for a very reasonable rate, not the excessive contract terms that the frauds or underacheivers charge. Yes, we are that confident! 

The truth is we take pride in everything we do and we would love to help. Call us to talk about your current needs or what you may want to tackle next. We can simply consult or do the work for you. We do not mind either way. Take care and #givelocal #supportacause

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Digital Marketing

This is roughly half of our workload as Devised has put itself in the forefront of best practices by working with Google, Facebook and the popular platforms to stay current on all industy changes. We implement full plans that include quantitatively backed campaigns that collect data with all the current analytics snippets. So we report the data, the revenue, the ROI, the conversions, the leads, the calls and anything else the client wants to know! That is why we are the firm that companies rely on for honest, reasonable digital marketing.

Google has been transforming its systems constantly for the last decade and we have been not only riding the wave, but teaming with them in order to influence new standards and determine what the results mean for our clients. A lot has changed with the move to a cookieless world on the web and less tracking of information without consent. It is important to have in place a plan for how you will handle all information collected. We advise our clients with the greatest care to all players.

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Concept Development

So let's say for example we are starting a new bar... Easy right?!

Not at all! We have roughly 38 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry across our principals. In general, it is now an industry starved of talent, should be uniqueness driven, but overall an unforgiving route to making money. Yet, we still love it!!! Sometimes location will just make the business. Lack of competition is always good. However, the one thing that is needed for all restaurants to be successful is outreach. Your location, your brand, your mission statement and your story all need to be told. truth is, there is not enough time to shake every hand and kiss every baby. So in this day and age, results are seen through superior S.E.O. work and progressive outreach.

During the process of analyzing exactly what a business needs, it all comes down to numbers. Besides, gains can be measured. At Devised, low overhead is a priority. We strive to be the most reasonable and approachable design and development studio of all!!!

Over 20 years, Mr. Inman, The Firm's CEO, has been running and building successful concepts and businesses. he has seen the way other companies take advantage of clients. This is not what our firm is all about. Both of our organizations should prosper and it should be fun building a professional relationship!

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It is in our name for a reason!!! We absolutely love to see our creations everywhere. From a logo, graphics for an ad, music for a podcast production, commercials for podcast breaks, design is in our blood and we have fun with our clients while doing it. We also have partners that we work with for very specific projects. Some things we do not have time for if we are in the middle of a project, so we will turn down work that does not fit our workload or style. It is our goal to deliver in all cases where our clients need us. So, in that case we have very specific partners that we know professionally and personally, that have the know how and use best practices the same way Devised does.

It is the big picture we are looking at whenever we take on a client. We purposefully only work with clients that are ready and in business for the right reasons. It is not political, it is not personal, it is the future of landscape that is considered by Devised when doing business. We only have so many billable hours and we want to spend those with awesome people and businesses.

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Contract Procurement Services- All Industries

One of the many services that Devised Firm offers for its clients, especially those in the realm of small to medium size businesses and enterprises is procurement of contracts to grow exponentially, very quickly. Example: Construction company works on plumbing and has revenue of roughly $275k a year. With our services, usually within less than a year, revenue will increase by contract procurement by hopefully tenfold barring any issues. That is right and not a misprint. We work to submit flawless RFPs and especially BPAs in order to increase revenue substantially. The quickness depends on the organization and how soon they are looking to transform themselves into an operation that is creating a legacy.

Some organizations are not ready for the transformation and the increase in labor needed to cover all of the work that will be expected with contracts ranging from $1 to $5 million a year. We analyze all organizations and do not put clients in a situation of failure. If a period of growth is needed in order to secure future success then we will guide you. We have references for these cases and others where revenue was increased in very short periods of time. It is in both of our interests in order to increase revenue and that is the main focus.

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Content Creation               

Devised Firm produces every kind of content that you can think up. If it is a commercial for your organization, done. If it is campaign graphics for Google, Facebook and every other platform, we know all the best practices, file types to use, cropping, resolutions, codecs for best presentation. We use software that all industry standards subscribe to and embrace. We use hardware that is cutting edge in order to produce it quickly and with precision. We have specific Fuji and Nikon cameras and glass as a preference, so believe it or not, that can make a difference for some organizations that have their own Canon collection of equipment.

Devised works across all platforms right now except for TikTok. There has been no value at all shown in the ad placements on TikTok. Devised can show quantitatively that the age group and purpose behind TikTok does not present an ROI worth anything. However, the site does take attention away from the other sites that do produce exponential results, so we do not care for TikTok. No offense TT! E-commerce will eventually feed well on TT, just like it does on Instagram, but right now is not the time. Call us to talk about the platforms and content that will help your organization the most. Let's have some fun with it! #VIRAL

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To put it simple, this diagram I drew to the left is a snapshot of "SEO". In reality, there is always a large scale plan behind great S.E.O. work. Once implemented correctly, it can grow organically and gain scale by itself. However, it takes a cohesive relationship between your website, social media, backlinks and all content that is produced in order to have a strong organic creeper. All this, with the technical knowledge involved in metadata, tagging and much more, put together an amazing platform for businesses that can be set on a relative off/on/up/down spending nature for marketing and advertising. Let us help you grow! 

Establishing a business across on-line databases and directories, websites with the correct meta-data and strategy, site mapping, building links across platforms with utility, branding, marketing, attacking the correct outlets, bridging those entities, relevant social media accounts, content creation that is tasteful and engaging, blog creation, relationship building, updating across all platforms, database management, integration for loyalty and customer appreciation programs/plans, all data and research with detailed or simple information...this is what a Monday morning is to us!

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