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Zack's Renovations Has Launched in Michigan

Servicing Ingham and Livingston County, Zack's works across the board on residential and commerical construction. Their work is showcased across mid-Michigan and has just now broke out officially as an organization that is going to be scaling up. Devised is happy to have taken on the full development and concept side of the operation with Zack and his partners. We are so excited to see them build the legacy.

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Devised Joins Teams With Encompass Enterprises In Solar

Yes, solar is that hot! Enough said, but it should be explained that the reason solar is so reasonable and pays for itself within less than a decade and then can earn money in places like the south is because the government is behind it. Subsidies have been taken away from petroleum, even electric and have been put towards solar just because of the clean footprint that solar leaves.

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Devised Firm Helping Produce New Podcasts

Music and video production have been a staple at Devised, but now they have taken on several projects, such as podcasts for a news program idea and business administration broadcast. One seems to be personal and the other is a project with Encompass Works Enterprises that features different guests covering news and maybe gossip. it is supposedly a comical setup with Phillip L Inman Jr, Devised CEO, being the producer and sidekick for the program.

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L and M Plumbing Picking Up Steam In Numbers

Devised has been impressed with first few month numbers for new company startup L and M Plumbing. The Google campaign numbers have been absolutely spectacular with such a small area being targeted. Quantitative analysis reveals so much in the keyword alignment that it is helpful in seeing the competition and how they are sharing in impressions and PPC numbers. Success has been seen because of the work that is put in before spending on advertising that could be aimless and misguided. Contact us and let us take a look at your digital footprint!

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