Some Of Our Work

Making Ourselves Proud
Asher Contractors, SATX
Worked endlessly to procure contracts, taking the organization from $200K per year to having $4.5 million under contract when we finished. Also, handled web design, accounting (full charge), estimating and much more in order to establish the organization as a major player in the San Antonio area.
Nonprofits in Texas
  • Trimmed approximately $150k yearly from long term operating costs with P&L analyses and a full technology revamp
  • Advised organization on employee restructuring due to under-utilized skillsets and degree specific workloads
  • Advised on the shortfalls of the Board of Directors and created a contractual basis for accountability purposes
  • Implemented a new donor system at about 5% of the operating cost as the prior one and trained staff on the dynamic features for campaign and long term giving
  • Established new communication system based on SIP Trunk and virtual technology dropping costs by over 70% monthly
  • Designed relational databases (Access) with forms and cross-continuity for different officers in the organization
  • Acquired numerous grants from private, public and government entities (Federal, State and Local) exceeding a million in assets over a small timeframe
  • Planned and ran major fundraising events with supplemental dynamics in order to increase revenue and build long term growth and relationships
  • Comprehensive program building and evaluation with strategic planning for funding
  • Managed and worked several capital campaigns and advised on strategy/workflow

The Service Industry
Established everything from casual sit down to fine dining restaurants in Dallas, Texas that were original concepts and superior establishments. Wa Kubota being one of the most special, that did not make it through Covid, was an example of elite service and training, wine pairing and cocktail creation, concept creation and implementation and consulting.

Some of Our Current and Past Clients

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